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CST 2504

A+ Certification Training



Students who take this class are preparing to take the CompTIA A+ exams. Students should have taken other CST courses to prepare for the tests, but if not they can use the provided training manual and DVD to learn the required material. You will  learn the functionality of hardware and software components as well as suggested best practices in maintenance and safety issues. The students, through simulated activities and labs, will learn to assemble and configure a computer, install operating systems and software, and troubleshoot hardware and software problems. In addition, an introduction to networking is included with this course. This course helps students prepare for CompTIA’s A+ certification.   (Prerequisites: This should be done the final semester when you have taken most of the CST classes.) (1 credit) (1/2 C/lecture, 1/2C/lab)


LABSIM A+ IT Technician Exam 220(JK1)-602 Training manual/DVD

ISBN 978-1-935080-20-6



LABSIM A+ Essentials Exam 220(JK0)-601 Training manual/DVD


ISBN 978-1-935080-19-0


These will either be purchased through the book store or from the business office-ask the instructor.




Passing the CompTIA Certification tests for Hardware and Software is required and will result in an A for the class. Failure to obtain certification and will result in an F for the class.


General Labs: The student is not required to complete any general lab credits in the course.


An average student will spend 45 hours performing course tasks: 16 hours in class room instruction and working on assigned tasks in the lab, and 29 hours out-of-class studying and performing assigned lab projects.  The student is expected to contact the instructor if difficulty is encountered or if help is needed.




Your success in this course will be strongly influenced by your participation, conduct and ability to work as a team player.  In industry these are referred to as soft skills and possession of them is critical to your success.


You are responsible for attendance. More than 2 unexcused absences can result in your failing the class. Punctuality is mandatory.  Missed lecture and lab material may be obtained from your fellow students.  As this is largely a lab environment, safety and appropriate behavior will be stressed.  Behavior deemed disruptive to the class may be cause for dismissal under the provisions of the Student Code of Conduct.


We will be sharing this classroom with other classes.  It is imperative that we leave this room ready for the next class.  That includes a functional computer and a tidy workspace. 




The following course goals will be addressed in the course:

•Define what is needed to Build, configure, upgrade, and maintain a personal computer system.


Diagnose and resolve problems of a personal computer system.


Identify what is needed to configure various computer peripheral devices.


State the process to be able to configure printers as well as diagnose and resolve problems related to printers and printing.


• List what is needed to et up, configure, and maintain a local-area network.


Learn the process to solve network connectivity problems on a local-area network using a systematic troubleshooting approach.


Describe the steps to install, configure, upgrade, and maintain Microsoft Windows operating systems.


Understand the specialized functions of the network server and the conditions required for a secure network server room.


Identify relevant workplace safety and environmental standards during computer maintenance.


Effectively use a customer-oriented approach to resolve user problems.


Provide computer hardware and software support based on a set of standard and systematic diagnostic principles.







Initial Draft: October 23, 2006

Revised: 09/21/09



This syllabus is available in alternative formats upon request.  If you have a disability and wish to request accommodations, call Tammy Becker, Director of Disability Services at the (320) 222-6070 for VTY/TTY access please call Minnesota Relay 411.  Please allow adequate time for the college to respond to your request.