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CST2276 Windows Server Advanced Services
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Contact Information
Instructor:Jim Martinson (James)
Jim Martinson
Email address:Login to see the Email address.
Work number:320-234-8546.
Office hours:Monday thru Saturday 9:00am to 9:00pm excluding class times below.
Call me!
I alternate between the Hutchinson and Willmar campuses so connecting with me face-to-face is complicated.
Your phone is the primary method to contact me. We can talk immediately or set up an appointment.
If I do not answer please leave a name, phone number, and a short description of why you called.
Class Schedule Jim Martinson's class schedule CST1025 CST1026 CST1600 MMDT2146 CST1611 CST1261 MMDT1021
Where's Waldo - Campus location for Jim Martinson (James)
Green is today. Blue is the current week. Orange is no classes. Red is school closed. Gray is past.
Week #Dates Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
201/21/19-01/25/19 01-21School closed 01-22Hutchinson 01-23Hutchinson 01-24Willmar 01-25Off campus
301/28/19-02/01/19 01-28Hutchinson 01-29Willmar 01-30Willmar 01-31Hutchinson 02-01Off campus
402/04/19-02/08/19 02-04Willmar 02-05Hutchinson 02-06Hutchinson 02-07Willmar 02-08Off campus
502/11/19-02/15/19 02-11Hutchinson 02-12Willmar 02-13Willmar 02-14Hutchinson 02-15Off campus
602/18/19-02/22/19 02-18School closed 02-19Hutchinson 02-20Hutchinson 02-21Willmar 02-22Off campus
702/25/19-03/01/19 02-25Hutchinson 02-26Willmar 02-27Willmar 02-28Hutchinson 03-01Off campus
803/04/19-03/08/19 03-04No classes 03-05No classes 03-06No classes 03-07No classes 03-08No classes
903/11/19-03/15/19 03-11Hutchinson 03-12Willmar 03-13Willmar 03-14Hutchinson 03-15Off campus
1003/18/19-03/22/19 03-18Willmar 03-19Hutchinson 03-20Hutchinson 03-21Willmar 03-22Off campus
1103/25/19-03/29/19 03-25Hutchinson 03-26Willmar 03-27Willmar 03-28Hutchinson 03-29Off campus
1204/01/19-04/05/19 04-01Willmar 04-02Hutchinson 04-03Hutchinson 04-04Willmar 04-05Off campus
1304/08/19-04/12/19 04-08Hutchinson 04-09Willmar 04-10Willmar 04-11Hutchinson 04-12No classes
1404/15/19-04/19/19 04-15Willmar 04-16Hutchinson 04-17Hutchinson 04-18Willmar 04-19Off campus
1504/22/19-04/26/19 04-22Hutchinson 04-23Willmar 04-24Willmar 04-25Hutchinson 04-26Off campus
1604/29/19-05/03/19 04-29Willmar 04-30Hutchinson 05-01Hutchinson 05-02Willmar 05-03Off campus
1705/06/19-05/10/19 05-06Hutchinson 05-07Willmar 05-08Willmar 05-09Hutchinson 05-10Off campus
1805/13/19-05/17/19 05-13Willmar 05-14Hutchinson 05-15Hutchinson 05-16Willmar 05-17Off campus