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Computer Systems Technology
Jim Martinson
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Jim's classes are show with the Instructor name Martinson, James in eServices and class schedules.
Links Join Jim's Zoom web meeting. ( URL: Meeting ID: 320 234 8546 )
It is a good idea to login to Zoom before joining the meeting.
Current semester class links:
CST1021 HTML and CSS
CST1600 Relational Database Design
CST1602 Advanced Databases
CST1611 Web Server Administration
CST1861 Command Line and Registry
CST2146 Data Driven Web
CST2274 Windows Server Install and Configure
CST2276 Windows Server Advanced Services
CST2608 Linux Server Administration
Gerneral class information Classes are delivered via Zoom web meeting on the day and time listed for the class.

Attendance is not required, but I highly recommend that you attend the class meeting. Students who do so regularly have better grades.
Please use a headset with microphone. Do not use the built-in microphone on a laptop as it can produce feedback and echoing.
Meetings are recorded and links to the recordings will be posted on the class Schedule page for later viewing. If you cannot attend the class meeting you can use these recordings to see what was covered that day. You can also use the recordings for review.

Below is Contact Information. My email address and work number are listed there. My Class Schedule is also below.

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